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Content Marketing

Creating relevant content such as videos, podcasts, articles, and other media is used to attract, engage and retain an audience. This aspect is essential because it promotes awareness of your brand and keeps it in people's minds.

At Imagineer Customer Experience, we take on the task of creating content focused on your audience so you can set a long-term relationship with your users and improve your company's profitability.




Expectations generated by content marketing


When content marketing strategies are created, emphasis is placed on the creativity of how information is distributed. With this, it is expected that people will be interested in the content and learn and that it will remain in their memory. In addition, they will likely want to interact with the brand representatives, purchase the products and continue to obtain relevant information through the same means, which would be concluded as an increase in the company's revenue.

Be prepared to improve traffic to your website or social network.

To improve the traffic of the website or social network, it must have strategies specifically made to attract people from different media such as search engines, blogs, and mentions, among others. First, you must understand who the users are and where they come from, then use this information to create relevant content for those people. Knowing what is behind the Web page or social network is crucial to understanding how you can reach more people and how the information is distributed.

Imagineer Customer Experience has professionals in the field to whom you can entrust the task of creating content strategies for your website or social network focused on the audience and media that your company manages.

Content strategies

Some strategies are creating videos, images, photographs, infographics, ebooks, podcasts, and social media posts. Once they have been completed, the days when the public interacts more with the publications and the time when they do so are determined. In this way, it is published at that time to expand the network and reach more people.

Means of distribution

The media in which the content is distributed depends on the company. Sometimes only social networks of posts are used, and others include social networks of videos. Other times influencers, trade shows, commercials, advertising, etc., are used. It all depends on the target audience or buyer persona of the company.

Reading Metrics

When creating strategies, there must be a reading of metrics to know how the Buyer Persona reacts to the content and to see how users evolve. This aspect is a fundamental part of Content Marketing because if metrics reading is not done, it is very probable that the content will not attract people. The company's revenue will not increase. 

Professionals in charge

The people in charge of the monthly planning of strategies, content creation, distribution, and Awareness of the metrics generated by these strategies are professionals in design, advertising, and marketing.

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Specialized content

The strategies used in creating content depend on the type of topic to be transmitted, since it is often better to use written methods to explain specific information, and other times, the visual way is the right one. Analyze each content to determine whether to make a video, blog, ebook, or podcast. And how we will best understand it.

For each type of audience, an analysis must be made to establish what content is ideal and by what means should distribute. And this is what Imagineer Customer Experience is in charge of when consulting your company since we specialize in Inbound Marketing, which focuses on the customer experience and the stage in which they are: Awareness, Consideration, or Decision, so each content is specialized.


It has been shown that the more interaction a user has when absorbing content, the more memorable it will be because the person's attention is more focused on the information. Therefore, creativity is paramount when creating content and for it to be interactive. Generally, blogs, offers, descriptive videos, and infographics are used in the Awareness stage, in which people begin investigating to solve their problems. 


A fundamental part of the topics to be addressed is that they are informative since making content for the sake of having a post or filling a space on the web page will not have a good result but could be the opposite.

This stage also considers the interactive information of AwarenessAwareness and the Consideration stage, in which the person sees different solutions to their problem. Some specialized contents of this stage are ebooks, guides, and tools they can use and downloadable. 


They tend to find out beforehand when considering whether to purchase a product or service. In the acquisition stage, downloadables are provided, so the user can get a taste of what the product or service would be like, for example, a free trial or a step-by-step manual. With this, the person can get excited and make a purchase. In other words, move from the Consideration stage to Desire. This aspect is crucial as an extra in the content since it is interactive and provides more information to the user.

Once the buyer persona is in the decision stage, means such as Webinars, reviews, discounts, and even free consultations are used. 

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Benefits of using marketing strategies

When developing a marketing strategy, we think about the content, the best ways to transmit that information, to make it interesting for users, and how it will be shared so that it has a greater reach, that is, it reaches more people, the company becomes known, a relationship is created with users, and this can culminate in revenue for the company.

At Imagineer Customer Experience, we carry out the relevant strategies for your company and your type of content so you can differentiate yourself from the rest. And this will result in your brand or company being memorable.

Creation or update of the Buyer Persona

For a company, it is necessary to know who your specific user is. The Buyer persona is a guide to the characteristics of the user of the brand or company, their tastes, problems, pains, the means they use to access a page, and their hobbies, among others. All this is necessary to know the most suitable ways to transmit the information and the media used. Also, to understand how to solve their problems. Imagineer Customer Experience professionals are in charge of creating this Buyer Persona or updating it. 

Monthly planning

Must do monthly planning to determine different ways to create information. A group of professionals proposes different evaluated strategies and then decides the best ones to implement and not repeat with previous months. This idea also determines what works and what does not in terms of design and information, media and type of content.

Schedule and budget management

Analyzing the users, their ethnographic data, and the platforms they come from determines which hours are the most active and at what time they interact more with the page. With this information, the content is planned, and a budget for distributing paid content is determined to use this money in the best way.

Increased efficiency

By creating planning where the publishing process is automated, the efficiency of the team is increased because they can perform other tasks during the time that this automation lasts. When the monthly planning is done, the contents for that month are determined and automatically uploaded to the social networks. In addition, metrics are read to determine how these strategies are working and to improve them constantly.

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Content marketing stages

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 Planning the strategy

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Creating valuable content

The information to be distributed is crucial to generate interest in users. Therefore, the topics covered must be relevant and have a clear objective.

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Distribution and return

Distributing the content depends on the audience you want to reach, their tastes, and their platforms, among others. With this in mind, the information comes from the target audience and can be converted into profits for the brand or company.

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