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Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing content, not only for efficiency reasons, but also to provide a more personalised experience for your customers.


Nurture your prospects with useful and highly personalized content.

Expectations generated by marketing automation

When we look at the common challenges businesses face, we know that generating leads and keeping them engaged throughout their journey remains a priority. Marketing automation is a combination of software, strategy, and customer focus.

Start to grow with marketing automation

As with any other software or tool, mastering marketing automation takes time and is an ongoing effort, especially considering how new the practice is. It's important to know that getting marketing automation software like HubSpot is just the first step. You must successfully merge all of your marketing tools, monitor your customer's behavior, pay attention to analytics and use this data to create valuable content.

Customized Workflows

Automation of work processes that are developed through established activities and hierarchies. In marketing, it is used to follow up on prospects and leads by optimizing resources to personalize and accelerate sales.

Lead Scoring

It is the process of assigning numerical values to each lead you generate for your business. Through it, you will be able to boost your sales team, prioritise customers and communicate with them efficiently to increase the conversion rate.

Automation Sequences

In these sequences, we can incorporate the sending of automated mailings, which are previously designed in a template and can be personalised, as well as assigning tasks to remind the sales team of follow-up actions, such as calls.

Inbound Marketing

Impact of automation on your customers

A great marketing automation strategy synchronizes your teams by prioritizing tasks and making handoffs a breeze. Contact records can be owned by the marketing team until the lead is ready to be contacted by sales, at which point automation assigns and notifies the sales rep.

Most Relevant Content

With marketing automation, you can be specific about what each customer sees. From advertising to email marketing, use your buyer persona to send only the information each prospect or customer needs. Automation helps highlight the most relevant content at the right time.


Omnichannel Experiences

From the CRM, data is collected, stored, and used in your marketing software so you can offer your customers a personalized experience through automation, such as pre-loaded forms, targeted emails that meet their needs, and customer service, so customers get the same experience no matter which channel they contact you on.

Optimized Processes

Create processes that work across different teams so you can reduce customer effort at every stage of the journey. Ideally, they should work together to deliver a unified customer experience from the first contact, beyond the customer purchase.


Benefits of using sales and marketing automation

Marketing automation has become a necessity for companies, as it is used not only to automate processes but also to restructure and quantify their marketing campaigns and workflows.

Reduced costs

Automation not only saves time but also provides the resources needed to do more.

Marketing Hub

Marketing automation allows you to map your customer journey. At the same time, your marketing strategy will allow you to build processes focused on your prospects' experience. 



Efficiency gains

Marketing automation makes your entire department more efficient. It can potentially reduce staff costs while freeing up your team's time to work on more important strategic projects.


Inbound 3.1

Automation Stages

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Capture data and process it

Collecting data and integrating it into the process is the basis of automation.

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Turn data into valuable information

Data processing, analysis, interpretation, and issuance of concrete information, in real-time, are useful for business decisions.


Decision-making according to the information obtained

With the information obtained, it is time to make decisions that can be produced in an automated way without the need for human intervention.

Marketing Automation

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Every company needs a Customer Experience Strategy!

Start with Customer Experience Design as a methodology to improve your processes, business models and value proposition. Once the CX process is defined, automate the process through a Customer Experience Architecture.