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User Experience

For every company that wants to be competitive at a commercial level, customer experience is paramount nowadays. A product must not only be interactive, but it must also be intuitive so that the user has no difficulties when using it and that the experience is memorable, so much so that they want to repeat it over and over again, causing loyalty to the brand, product, service or platform. That is why the UX goes hand in hand with the Inbound strategy we offer at Imagineer Customer Experience.





Expectations generated by the UX


A person comfortable using a digital platform considers that it meets their expectations in terms of functionality and continues to use this product repeatedly. By creating memorable, exciting, and entertaining experiences, it is more likely to have the constant interest of the user and ultimately make a loyal relationship with the brand, in addition to this person recommending the product to others and expanding the customer base.  One of the most important aspects is that people choose one brand over others, time after time.

Be prepared to improve the customer experience.

Like any good strategy, it takes planning to implement step-by-step, resulting in positive effects for the company. Improving customer experience is one of them, mixed with Inbound Marketing and the content the platforms must have. Different methods together make the strategy to enhance the customer experience, and at Imagineer Customer Experience, we implement it.

Intuitive interaction

Users have a perception or mental model of how that site, app, system, etc., should be when entering a platform. Since their mind is used to this, changing it creates a clash with that mental model, creating confusion in the user. If the commonly used patterns are followed, the interaction is more intuitive, and the design itself points out what the user must do to perform the different tasks. That is one of the essential elements to consider in user experiences.


A platform design, application, and software, among others, must consider usability so that users can use the product effectively and efficiently and obtain satisfaction when using it. That goes hand in hand with intuitive interaction and good interface design.

Content Marketing

At the level of websites, blogs, and eCommerce, among others, planning the content must do that platform. That is extremely important for Inbound and UX because it keeps customers or users interested. Once you have an intuitive platform with usability, you must plan the content to be helpful for the user, desirable, accessible, credible, and usable. All of this together determines whether a piece of content is valuable.

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Benefits of using UX

The strategies used in the analysis and implementation of UX, such as determining the buyer persona, digital customer journey, the needs of both customers and the company, and the different tests to determine how should order the application, website, software, or system, have large-scale benefits on various platforms and for the company.

Customer loyalty

If an experience is different, entertaining, intuitive, and has valuable content, the user will create a relationship with the platform. They will return to have that experience or similar ones offered by the brand, connecting the company and the customer. If this relationship continues, loyalty is created, so it is a customer who will choose this company over others and will also recommend it. Thus expanding the clientele and, consequently, the company's income.

Recommendations from users to other people

If loyalty is created, the user will recommend the platform to others who can become customers. That will expand the company's leads and may result in revenue, more customers loyal to the brand or product, and more and more leads.

To compete in the commercial field

There is plenty of competition in the commercial arena because many similar products are being developed. By creating a unique experience when the user interacts with the platform, service, or system, that person will want to continue having different backgrounds, so he chooses that product over others and improves the competitiveness it has with others because it is not just an object, but goes beyond this, it considers the emotions of people when using it.


Guidelines that improve the UX of a page

To establish if a platform is not built by the hand of the UX, different guidelines must be performed to find out. A strategy is necessary when the user does not get a good experience. Imagineer Customer Experience is in charge of determining if a platform follows the UX guidelines and is responsible for the study and implementation.


Know who the user is

El público meta de una plataforma es fundamental para el UX, ya que se debe conocer quién es el usuario, de donde llega, cuáles son sus gustos, entre otros. Todo esto para saber sus motivaciones, dolores (las necesidades que tiene y a las cuales le busca solución) para que la plataforma los pueda solventar y también para que se sepan los medios por los cuales se puedan solucionar.

Determine the user's navigation

How the user navigates is fundamental to knowing the UX since one must analyze it if the user searches and selects a menu option, if he can find the opportunities to perform the task efficiently, quickly, and without having to stop to search through the screen the different options to see what he needs. If it is difficult for the user to navigate, then there is no good UX in the platform.

Designing the experience

Whether the platform is made from scratch or not, must design the user experience to be interactive, entertaining, and easy to use and must generate positive emotions for the product.

Testing and changes

Every time a UX analysis guideline is made, changes are made. These ultimately need to be tested to determine if they are positive, improve the platform and user experience, or the opposite. In a complete UX project, 3 to 6 tests are performed with the buyer persona to generate a positive result.

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Stages of User Experience Analysis

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Strategy planning

A schedule of dates must be made with the guidelines to be carried out throughout the UX analysis in the case of a complete project. When a superficial analysis is performed, one must manage the schedule in hours.

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Creation of guidelines

According to the analysis type, guidelines and tests are performed, determining the best strategies for the platform's success step by step.

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Moving from UX to UI

Once you have the UX analysis, you must move on to the platform design since the User Interface Design (UI) depends on the guidelines generated by the user experience.

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