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Lead conversion

At ICX, we understand the importance of guiding leads on their journey towards conversion. We are committed to helping companies establish strong and lasting connections with their potential customers through an effective and automated Lead Conversion strategy. Our approach is based on maximizing the potential of each interaction to drive meaningful and sustainable results.




Quantity does not equal quality


Accumulating many leads doesn't always translate to higher sales. We focus on the quality and effective conversion of leads to maximize business results. By working with us, companies can optimize their marketing and sales strategies, identifying and nurturing high-quality leads. This not only improves conversion efficiency but also significantly increases long-term profitability.

Convert leads into profits

The Lead Conversion process is based on a structured methodology that encompasses initial lead generation to qualification and subsequent conversion into customers. It's a strategic approach that optimizes the effectiveness of a company's marketing and sales strategies.

Lead generation

Attract potential customers through various marketing strategies such as online forms, targeted advertising, and relevant content.

Lead qualification

Evaluate the quality of leads using predefined criteria such as interest, budget, and authority to prioritize sales efforts.

Lead conversion

Utilize lead tracking and nurturing techniques to guide them through the sales funnel and successfully close the sale.

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What types of companies is Lead Conversion useful for?

All companies should have a defined conversion process. However, a lead conversion strategy can be especially beneficial for companies operating in specific business environments such as B2B, online sales, professional services, and expanding startups.


In the retail sector, lead conversion is essential for attracting potential customers interested in the products or services the company offers. By implementing lead conversion strategies, retail businesses can identify and target specific consumers, personalize offers and promotions, and increase sales both online and in physical stores.

B2B Companies (Business to Business)

In the business realm, lead conversion is crucial for generating business opportunities and closing deals with other companies. By properly nurturing leads throughout the sales cycle, companies can establish strong relationships with potential clients, demonstrate the value of their products or services, and ultimately convert those leads into loyal, long-term customers.

Professional services

For companies offering professional services such as consulting, legal or accounting advice, lead conversion is vital for attracting new clients and expanding the business. By using lead conversion strategies, companies can demonstrate their expertise, build trust with prospects, and convert them into satisfied and repeat customers.


In the communications industry, lead conversion is essential for generating leads interested in the services offered. By implementing effective lead conversion strategies, communications companies can identify business opportunities, personalize messages for specific audiences, and close deals that drive business growth and profitability.

Benefits of Lead Conversion

Lead conversion goes beyond sales, offering additional advantages that empower the company. These advantages strengthen its position in the market and its ability to maintain strong customer relationships, driving its long-term growth and sustainability.

Resource optimization

Efficiently target customers with a high probability of conversion, maximizing the performance of your resources.

Customer understanding

Adjust strategies based on customer behavior for more effective marketing and sales management.

Loyalty building

Offer personalized experiences from the first contact, strengthening customer loyalty and retention.

Sustainable profitability

Cultivate long-lasting relationships, generating positive word of mouth that ensures long-term profitability.


Stages of Lead Conversion

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Effective capture

Segment leads into groups based on criteria such as their stage in the buying cycle, interests, website behavior, etc. This will allow you to send more personalized content.

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Accurate qualification

Create specific content for each segment of leads. This may include emails, downloadable content, webinars, and more. The content should be valuable and relevant to the needs of each group.

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Successful conversion

Use marketing automation tools to schedule and send content automatically. Track leads' interaction with this content and adjust it as needed.

Customer Experience Design

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Start with Customer Experience Design as a methodology to improve your processes, business models and value proposition. Once the CX process is defined, automate the process through a Customer Experience Architecture.