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Lead Management

Are you missing out on business opportunities without even realizing it? Within your company's management, CRM, or email system, there are likely thousands of people interested in using your services or buying your products, but who haven't done so yet. Our Lead Management services take a strategic approach to effectively managing these potential customers, systematically converting them into clients.




We help you find the quality you're looking for


Are you seeking high-quality leads that will truly convert into customers? ICX is here to assist you. Our methodologies and technology enable you to direct your efforts towards those leads with the greatest conversion potential. With ICX, you won't waste time or resources chasing unpromising leads. Instead, you'll focus on those that will truly drive your company's growth.

Convert interest into revenue

We not only help you capture the interest of potential customers but also guide you through the conversion process to turn that interest into tangible revenue.

Lead Attraction

Lead attraction involves using marketing strategies to spark the interest of potential customers, such as email campaigns and social media advertising. At ICX, we implement advanced techniques to reach specific audiences and attract them to our products and services.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring involves assigning a score to each lead based on their interaction with the brand and their suitability. At ICX, we use advanced algorithms to prioritize leads with the highest likelihood of becoming customers.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing involves developing personalized communication strategies to maintain the interest and trust of potential customers over time. At ICX, we are committed to providing the necessary support at each stage of the purchasing process.

Lead Conversion

Lead conversion involves sales and marketing strategies designed to close the gap between initial interest and purchase. At ICX, we develop and execute effective tactics to maximize sales opportunities and generate tangible results for our clients.

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What to expect from our Lead Management Service?

If you want your business to continue growing online, you need to obtain qualified leads and convert them into revenue for your company. By investing in lead management services, you can rely on a team of professionals to help you manage the entire lifecycle of your leads. If you are looking for comprehensive lead management solutions, ICX has you covered.

Process Automation

We set up automated workflows to perform specific actions in response to certain lead behaviors, such as sending follow-up emails or assigning tasks to team members.

Lead Capture

We use forms and capture tools integrated into your website to collect information from potential customers.

Lead Tracking

We monitor lead interactions with your content and track their activity on your website.

Analysis and continuous improvement

We analyze the performance of your lead generation strategies and continuously optimize your tactics based on the data collected.


Benefits of having Lead Management

Implementing a lead management project in the company requires the implementation of strategies and technological tools, as well as extensive knowledge. However, the benefits that the company will obtain from this will be considerable:

Efficiency in Lead Generation and Management

We improve your company's effectiveness in lead acquisition and management through optimized tools and processes, maximizing your conversion and growth potential.

Segmentation and Personalization in Marketing

We refine your marketing strategies to reach specific audiences more effectively, thereby increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Increased Conversion Rates and Sales Closure

Our lead management tactics drive your conversions and sales closures, ensuring a significant return on your lead generation efforts.

Optimization of ROI in Lead Generation Activities

We maximize the performance of your investment in lead generation, ensuring that every resource invested produces tangible and profitable results.


Disadvantages of not implementing Lead Management

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Loss of leads

Valuable business opportunities could be lost as leads may be neglected or ignored, affecting growth and competitiveness.

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Lack of Follow-Up

When leads are not properly followed up, they begin to lose interest, along with sales opportunities, negatively impacting conversions and business growth.

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Difficulty in measurement

This translates into limiting the ability to make informed decisions and optimize lead generation strategies.

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Start with Customer Experience Design as a methodology to improve your processes, business models and value proposition. Once the CX process is defined, automate the process through a Customer Experience Architecture.