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Buyer Persona 

Understand your customers to create good strategies

Buyer persona

Enchant your customer

What is a Buyer Persona?

The buyer persona is the semi-fictitious representation of your ideal client based on one used in inbound marketing strategies to perform segmentations that help you develop conversion paths that can help you obtain new qualified leads. When you create a buyer person you must consider multiple factors such as demographics, goals, motivations and behavior.

Buyer Persona Profile

A detailed buyer persona profile will help you define the most successful strategies possible, therefore, you should build it according to a guide that will help you maximize your focus and align all your teams.

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The Buyer Persona for your strategy

Consider specifically your strategy, set to your SMART objectives and you will be able to attract new visitors, as well as being able to nurture your prospects with relevant content that will provide you with long-lasting, high-value leads for your business.


How to create your Buyer Persona?

The Buyer Persona is the fictitious representation of your ideal customer and can be the key to the success of an Inbound Marketing strategy, so you and your team should take the time to develop it.

Collect Information

It is very important to work with real data of your current and potential clients as well as other prospects. Some ways in which you can obtain this information are:

  • Have interviews with the sales team 
  • Generate surveys to gather information on current customers 
  • Analyze your databases to detect trends.
  • Make sure your website forms include questions with key information

Ask the Right Questions

The questions depend a lot on the type of company, product, or service you have. 

  • Questions about their job
  • Questions about their company
  • Questions about their goals
  • Questions about their challenges
  • Questions about where they get information
  • Personal profile questions
  • Questions about their buying patterns

Use of the Information

Once you have done this, you will have a lot of extremely valuable information about your current and potential clients. You must then understand it to properly interpret it and get the most out of creating the marketing strategies.


Benefits of having a Buyer Persona

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Know your audience


The Buyer Persona allows you to know the person you are targeting much better, making communication easier and planning strategically.

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Improve your marketing strategy

The inbound marketing of the brand can be adjusted to each Buyer Persona, creating much more attractive messages and, most importantly, personalized.

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Optimize resources and budget

Saving time in the inbound marketing strategy, creating the correct content and in which digital channels to invest, will help save resources and money.


The key to the success of your strategy

They trusted us!


Every company needs a Customer Experience Strategy!

Start with Customer Experience Design as a methodology to improve your processes, business models and value proposition. Once the CX process is defined, automate the process through a Customer Experience Architecture.