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We understand moments to create experiences. Learn how by improving your Customer Experience processes we can increase your sales:


How do we improve the Customer Experience?

Imagineer offers consulting services from a range of certified methodologies, business models, industry frameworks, and world-class technology platforms to improve marketing, sales, service, commerce, and operational processes

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We are a company obsessed with satisfying Customer Experience. That means always understanding business processes around customer processes.

Our methodology first understands your strategy, business model, objectives, business processes and customer journey. This diagnosis will ensure the implementation of an integrated Customer Experience process and not the automation of the clutter.

What Customer Experience process do you need improve?

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eCommerce Automation
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Sales Automation
Strategy, Magento

Optimizing your website in Magento

26 Sep, 2022

Making sure your website is running in an optimized way is of utmost importance for your sales. Loading speed has a direct impact on your customers, so having your ecommerce improved is crucial to the success of your business.

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Customer Experience, User Experience, UX

How to create better experiences with your Omnichannel strategy?

26 Sep, 2022

With the increase in technological devices and applications, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a company to manage a single element where it distributes its content and interacts with customers.

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Customer Experience, Marketing, Digital Transformation, Sales

Retail, Christmas Season and Omnichannel Strategy

26 Sep, 2022

The end of the year holidays are times that brings with them a big boost in consumption, and as a consequence of this, most retail companies prepare offers, discounts and promotions to encourage even more purchases.

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Customer Experience Insights

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Customer Experience Insights is a blog to share ideas, experiences and the vision of how to adopt better Customer Experiences in our organizations.