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We understand moments to create experiences. Learn how by improving your Customer Experience processes we can increase your sales:


How do we improve the Customer Experience?

Imagineer offers consulting services from a range of certified methodologies, business models, industry frameworks, and world-class technology platforms to improve marketing, sales, service, commerce, and operational processes

Choose The Services You Need to Escalate


We are a company obsessed with satisfying Customer Experience. That means always understanding business processes around customer processes.

Our methodology first understands your strategy, business model, objectives, business processes and customer journey. This diagnosis will ensure the implementation of an integrated Customer Experience process and not the automation of the clutter.

What Customer Experience process do you need improve?

CRM  Automation
eCommerce Automation
Marketing Automation
Sales Automation

How to execute mass actions in magento?

29 Jun, 2022

Every minute counts, so every click that can be avoided and being able to apply changes to a large number of products at the same time will certainly be something we will want to do.

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What is a Buyer Persona?

29 Jun, 2022

When we look for strategies and tools for our business to use in sales and marketing, we may have several options, but we do not know which one to choose, which one to resort to, or which one is crucial to focus on the efforts and resources. In addition, we live in accelerated times, where we seek to go to the point and be efficient in providing a product or service to our customers; this is why buyer personas are so important in our companies. 

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HubSpot Deal Pipeline: How it automates your sales team

29 Jun, 2022

Learn how to register businesses within HubSpot, and how to automate the Deal Pipeline to your sales team by tracking and approaching leads.

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Customer Experience Insights is a blog to share ideas, experiences and the vision of how to adopt better Customer Experiences in our organizations.