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Sales enablement

At ICX, we focus on enhancing the performance of your sales teams through an effective process. By providing your sales teams with the necessary resources, tools, and knowledge, you can significantly increase their effectiveness and performance. From lead generation to closing sales and customer retention, Sales Enablement covers the entire customer lifecycle, ensuring a consistent and satisfactory experience at every stage of the process.




Why settle for standard sales when you can achieve excellence?


Our approach focuses on sales efficiency because we know that every interaction with a potential customer is valuable. By optimizing the sales process and providing your salespeople with the right resources and knowledge, we can maximize every opportunity and increase the conversion rate.

We transform sales teams

Our implementations and support not only provide access to top-notch tools but also offer personalized guidance, real-time data analysis, and collaboration tools to ensure that your sales teams are always one step ahead. With ICX, you can be confident that you are equipping your salespeople with the tools they need to succeed.

HubSpot CRM

Provides marketing and sales automation tools, as well as real-time data analysis to improve sales team performance.

Salesforce CRM

Offers a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform that includes sales tools, data analysis, and collaboration to optimize sales operations.


Marketo is a marketing automation platform that can integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce to provide more effective sales tools and advanced data analysis.


Offers data analysis and visualization solutions that can be used to analyze sales performance in real-time and make informed decisions.

Inbound 2-1-1
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How do we carry out Sales Enablement?

El Sales Enablement con ICX es mucho más que una estrategia: es un compromiso con la excelencia en las ventas y el éxito del cliente. 

Resource and content assessment

 We analyze your existing resources and content to identify areas for improvement and optimization opportunities.

Data management

We use relevant data to better understand your audience and tailor sales strategies according to their needs and behaviors.

Content optimization

We develop and refine sales content to ensure it is relevant, compelling, and aligned with your customers' needs.

Guidance, counseling, and results analysis

Our team of experts provides continuous guidance, strategic counseling, and detailed results analysis to ensure the ongoing success of your Sales Enablement initiatives.


Benefits of Sales Enablement

By implementing an effective Sales Enablement strategy with ICX, you can expect to see significant benefits such as:

Sales efficiency and preparedness

Equip your salespeople with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively close more deals.

Up-selling and Cross-selling

Identify additional opportunities to increase the value of each sale, generating additional revenue organically.

Customer Success

By proactively meeting your customers' needs, we ensure their long-term success and foster lasting relationships.

Alignment of marketing and sales

By strategically integrating marketing and sales, we ensure a coherent and aligned approach that drives tangible results.


What we offer

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Standardization of reports

We provide tools with the ability to generate consistent and clear reports, allowing you to make informed and strategic decisions in your sales team.

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Sales process improvement

Improve every stage of your sales process, from lead management to deal closure.

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Attraction of qualified leads

We help you attract the right prospects, thereby increasing your conversion chances and maximizing the return on your sales investment.

Customer Experience Design

Become a Customer Experience Company

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Every company needs a

Customer Experience Strategy!

Start with Customer Experience Design as a methodology to improve your processes, business models and value proposition. Once the CX process is defined, automate the process through a Customer Experience Architecture.