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We understand moments to create experiences. Learn how by improving your Customer Experience processes we can increase your sales:

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How do we improve the Customer Experience?

Imagineer offers consulting services from a range of certified methodologies, business models, industry frameworks, and world-class technology platforms to improve marketing, sales, service, commerce, and operational processes

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We are a company obsessed with satisfying Customer Experience. That means always understanding business processes around customer processes.

Our methodology first understands your strategy, business model, objectives, business processes and customer journey. This diagnosis will ensure the implementation of an integrated Customer Experience process and not the automation of the clutter.

What Customer Experience process do you need improve?

CRM  Automation
eCommerce Automation
Marketing Automation
Sales Automation
eCommerce, Magento

Magento 2.4.2: migration guide and version upgrade

15 Sep, 2021

eCommerce platforms have become a key component in the commercial architecture of every company, not only for trading (B2C) but also for manufacturing, production and logistics companies that use them for their B2B trading capabilities and their functions of price management, catalogue, online contract terms and others.

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CX Strategy

How to create a business model canvas: the ultimate guide

14 Sep, 2021

This blog will explain what a BMC is and a step-by-step explanation of how to define a business model with this famous canvas. To learn more about business models I recommend the following blog: Types of business model in less than 800 characters.  

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Inbound Marketing, Account-Based Marketing

Account based marketing: expectation vs. reality

07 Sep, 2021

It is common, that in the eagerness to sell, we want to market and sell to customers who are not right for the business. Don't waste your time! In this blog, I want to introduce you to account based marketing or ABM (Account based marketing) this type of marketing offers your customer what they need at the right price, in a personalised and direct way.

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Customer Experience Insights

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Customer Experience Insights is a blog to share ideas, experiences and the vision of how to adopt better Customer Experiences in our organizations.