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Adobe Commerce

From creating product catalogs to managing orders and tracking inventory, Adobe Commerce simplifies and automates every step of your business's online sales process.

adobe commerce

Adobe Commerce expertise according to your needs

The shopping experience is fundamental to Adobe Commerce. With its customer-centric approach, you can offer your visitors intuitive navigation, powerful search, and an engaging user interface. Implement personalized marketing strategies, such as promotions, discounts, and product recommendations, to drive sales and build customer loyalty.

How does Adobe Commerce create an effective cross-tool and cross-functional experience?

One of Adobe Commerce's key strengths is its ability to adapt to the specific needs of your business. Customize your online store, with a wide range of extensions and add-ons that enable you to extend your store's functionality, integrate with external systems, and optimize performance.


Build engaging and unique shopping experience with the best platform and methodologies you can get. 


Intuitive interface

 Make sure your online store is easy to navigate and use. Design with Adobe Commerce, an attractive and simple user interface with a clear structure and well-defined categories.

Facilitate product search, filtering and sorting options to help customers find what they are looking for quickly.

Omni-channel integration

With Adobe Commerce, your customers can enjoy a consistent experience whether they shop in your online store, mobile app, or brick-and-mortar store. 

Synchronize inventory and customer data in real time to provide seamless service across all touch points.

B2B eCommerce

Adobe Commerce B2B

Adobe Commerce B2B is an e-commerce solution designed specifically for businesses that engage in business-to-business commerce. At Imagineer, we help you implement the Adobe Commerce extension (formerly known as Magento Commerce) that focuses on the unique needs of business-to-business commerce transactions.

Some of its key features are: 

Personalized Catalogs

It allows the creation of customized product catalogs specific to customers and business segments, facilitating the presentation and sale of specific products according to the individual needs of each customer.

Complex order processing

 It offers advanced capabilities for complex order processing in B2B commerce, such as batch orders, recurring orders, orders with multiple shipping addresses, and order processing through electronic purchasing systems.


Integración con sistemas empresariales

Adobe Commerce B2B integrates with enterprise systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, inventory management systems, and accounting systems, enabling efficient synchronization and management of data across the organization.

Adobe Commerce Benefits

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Exceptional customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction, increase conversion rates and foster long-term loyalty.

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Manage large-scale e-commerce operation, Adobe Commerce adapts to your needs in terms of traffic, product catalog and operational complexity.

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Integrate payment systems, shipping services, marketing tools, customer relationship management systems to provide a complete customer experience.

Customer Commerce Experience

Make sure your Digital Strategy converts Visitors into Customers

They trusted us!


Every company needs a Customer Experience Strategy!

Start with Customer Experience Design as a methodology to improve your processes, business models and value proposition. Once the CX process is defined, automate the process through a Customer Experience Architecture.