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We understand moments to create experiences. Learn how by improving your Customer Experience processes we can increase your sales:


How do we improve the Customer Experience?

Imagineer offers consulting services from a range of certified methodologies, business models, industry frameworks, and world-class technology platforms to improve marketing, sales, service, commerce, and operational processes


Consulting Services

Our consulting services focus on Customer Experience to achieve three critical building blocks:

an outside-in approach that puts customers first, a uniquely great customer experience and internal capabilities that ensure you deliver optimal customer interactions at every touchpoint.


Process Automation

We DO NOT SELL software; we automate integrated Customer Experience processes.

Imagineer helps companies transform their technology by focusing first on the business processes and then on the automation of those processes, guaranteeing the complete integration of the contact points with your clients.




Grow your business, increase visits to your digital channels, convert more leads, and sell more.

Our methodologies help your organization align its strategy, annual objectives, and technology with the commercial objectives of your company, thus achieving the goals in retention and acquisition of customers, increase in sales, and improving the service. 

Choose The Services You Need to Escalate


We are a company obsessed with satisfying Customer Experience. That means always understanding business processes around customer processes.

Our methodology first understands your strategy, business model, objectives, business processes and customer journey. This diagnosis will ensure the implementation of an integrated Customer Experience process and not the automation of the clutter.

Icon CStrategy

Design Thinking
Blue Ocean strategy
Waterfall Model
Balanced Scorecard 
Icon C Process

Customer Journey
Buyer Persona 
Jobs to be Done 
Business Model Canvas
Icon B Process

Customer Value Chain
As-Is/To-Be Analysis
CX Business Rules 
Business Process Mapping 
Icon CX

Customer Experience
Employee Experience
Partner Experience
Digital Experience 

What Customer Experience process do you need improve?

CRM   Automation
eCommerce Automation
Inbound Marketing
Sales Automation
Business Process

Beyond software, the importance of process design and analysis

26 Sep, 2023

In the age of technology, it is common for many companies to feel pressured to adopt the latest trends, however, in this article, we will explore why it is crucial that process design and analysis be established prior to the implementation of any technology.

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Marketing, Business Process, Marketing-automation

Why define the marketing process for a CRM platform?

26 Sep, 2023

A Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an essential tool for companies that want to maintain and enhance their relationships with customers. To make the most of a CRM, Imagineer recommends analyzing customer-facing processes before any automation, as automation can accelerate the spread of errors if the process has not been properly defined.

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CRM, HubSpot, marketo, Salesforce

Did you know that you can automate these processes with a CRM?

26 Sep, 2023

Imagine you are a small businessman, in this particular case a un CRM would be in your head, you probably already know that Susana prefers products of a certain shape, that Esteban buys a certain product every week and so on with your recurring customers. But, what happens is that when we talk about companies that have hundreds of customers and also have a team of professionals involved in different areas, it is impossible for everything to be stored in one head. Besides, it's not only the fact that you can have all that information at hand, attending to a vast clientele is a heavy and time-consuming man. Effective customer relationship management is essential to the success of any business. CRM is a tool that not only facilitates contact management, but also automates a variety of key processes. In this article, I want to show you some fundamental processes that can be automated with a CRM and how this can drive efficiency and improve the customer experience. I will provide you with very timely examples on world leading CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce and Marketo.

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