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We understand moments to create experiences. Learn how by improving your Customer Experience processes we can increase your sales:


How do we improve the Customer Experience?

Imagineer offers consulting services from a range of certified methodologies, business models, industry frameworks, and world-class technology platforms to improve marketing, sales, service, commerce, and operational processes


Consulting Services

Our consulting services focus on Customer Experience to achieve three critical building blocks:

an outside-in approach that puts customers first, a uniquely great customer experience and internal capabilities that ensure you deliver optimal customer interactions at every touchpoint.


Process Automation

We DO NOT SELL software; we automate integrated Customer Experience processes.

Imagineer helps companies transform their technology by focusing first on the business processes and then on the automation of those processes, guaranteeing the complete integration of the contact points with your clients.




Grow your business, increase visits to your digital channels, convert more leads, and sell more.

Our methodologies help your organization align its strategy, annual objectives, and technology with the commercial objectives of your company, thus achieving the goals in retention and acquisition of customers, increase in sales, and improving the service. 

Choose The Services You Need to Escalate


We are a company obsessed with satisfying Customer Experience. That means always understanding business processes around customer processes.

Our methodology first understands your strategy, business model, objectives, business processes and customer journey. This diagnosis will ensure the implementation of an integrated Customer Experience process and not the automation of the clutter.

Icon CStrategy

Design Thinking
Blue Ocean strategy
Waterfall Model
Balanced Scorecard 
Icon C Process

Customer Journey
Buyer Persona 
Jobs to be Done 
Business Model Canvas
Icon B Process

Customer Value Chain
As-Is/To-Be Analysis
CX Business Rules 
Business Process Mapping 
Icon CX

Customer Experience
Employee Experience
Partner Experience
Digital Experience 

What Customer Experience process do you need improve?

CRM   Automation
eCommerce Automation
Inbound Marketing
Sales Automation
Business Process, Methodologies

Optimize your business processes

14 Mar, 2024

This article arises after asking the following questions: Who doesn't like to improve? Who doesn't seek optimization in their daily tasks? Is there anyone who doesn't like to reduce costs or save money?

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Tableau: Success Stories of Major Companies

08 Mar, 2024

Have you ever heard the phrase "Data is the new gold"? You've probably heard it, and it's clear that today, records that seem to be simple information alone actually have a massive impact on companies in terms of money, security, time, value, etc.

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Hit a home run with HubSpot's Predictive Lead Score

07 Mar, 2024

Imagine that your company and your collaborators are at the center of a baseball stadium in the middle of a game. The stadium is filled with spectators, but most of them barely pay attention or show low interest in what you have to offer. Now, change the scene: visualize a smaller audience but full of passion, where each individual is completely engaged, cheering on your team enthusiastically and supporting them every step of the way. What do you prefer: having a stadium full of passive fans or a small but passionate audience chanting your name?

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